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Business Models Inc. has developed a systematic, evidence-based methodology designed to help corporate organizations and management teams to successfully develop and implement new business models in order to ensure a solid performance and success in their markets.

Do you want to generate options for your business?

Need a new direction in your business? Do you question the use of having a business strategy? Do you struggle with keeping your strategy up to date in a turbulent environment? Do you want to increase the revenue of your business? Do you want to develop a business model for a new product or service? Do you want to get insight in possible revenue models for a revolutionary idea? Is your business model obsolete? Would you like to innovate your business model? Do you want to be self-supporting in managing your business? Do you struggle with embedding your strategy or business model in the organizational context? How do you translate your business model into an operating model that will realize your strategy? Do you want to understand what business modeling is all about? Do you want insights in the methodology and proven best practices?

Do the test and find out.

Instructions for the test

Count the number of “That is TRUE” whilst answering the following questions.

1. I feel the urgency to look at the business model of my organization. This urgency is getting stronger every day.

2. I do not know if my organization will be profitable tomorrow. We face quite some challenges at this moment.

3. My organization and its business success are dependent on our customers and their needs.

4. I have a dedicated team organized around the challenge.

5. I would like to work with the strategic questions in a completely different way to traditional consulting methods.

6. I want to feel a lot of energy working as I work with these important, yet though very challenging, questions.

7. This time, I am in for concrete results. Concrete results for our customers, for our team and for our business.

How to interpret the test results

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Business Models Inc. consists of people who have a passion for helping organizations identify and seize growth opportunities. The Business Models Inc. people possess an impressive track record, ranging from business valuation, financial consulting, corporate restructuring, business development, corporate strategy development, business modeling, organization (re)design, and change management.

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